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  About Value Add
IBM is the world's top provider of computer products and services and one of the largest providers of both business software and semiconductors. Amber Road leverages IBM to provide a best-of-breed systems infrastructure (POWER Systems) to reduce cost, improve service and manage risk.
  About Value Add
Macrolynk provides software solutions and consultancy in international trade and logistics. By working with Macrolynk, Amber Road's industry-leading content is made available to small to medium sized enterprises to enable those companies to move goods efficiently and compliantly across borders.
  About Value Add
Oracle is the world's leading supplier of application software. Its E-Business site puts every aspect of a business on the Internet marketing, sales, supply chain, manufacturing, customer service, accounting and human resources. As an Oracle Certified Partner, inducted into OPN in 1997, Amber Road provides ongoing integration support for all versions of Oracle applications. Amber Road works closely with Oracle to ensure tight integration with the Oracle E-Business suite.
  About Value Add
Process Weaver is a provider of multi-modal and multi-carrier shipping software. Process Weaver is Amber Road's preferred parcel shipping partner. This new partnership can help global enterprises to consolidate parcel shipments for B2B/B2C fulfillment, automate license documentation, book ocean shipments, track landed costs and achieve visibility into the supply chain.
Amber Road 为何成为同行中的佼佼者

Amber Road 为何成为同行中的佼佼者


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