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Mercury Marine wanted to build its Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) infrastructure to support its global transformation and reduce total landed costs. FTZs can be manually intensive, requiring complex programs to administer electronic integration with multiple government agencies, warehouse management systems, and trading partner.

Some solutions Mercury Marine considered were too complex or not relevant to a distribution zone for the company. However, without a software solution, the company would have been unable to utilize a FTZ due to high brokerage costs.

Mercury Marine needed an easier way to support its quick turnaround times, manage the FTZ process and provide inventory visibility and tracking.



Mercury Marine is now using Amber Road's Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) software to manage its FTZ operations at its new distribution center in St. Louis, MO. By enabling Mercury Marine to take a holistic, integrated approach to its bonded warehousing and FTZ operations, Amber Road's FTZ solution will lower importing costs, enhance inventory control and improve supply chain velocity for the company.


  • Increased productivity and improved supply chain velocity
  • Repeatable processes for better managing its distribution center
  • Reduced potential high brokerage and importing costs