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"We selected Amber Road because of its breadth and depth of China Trade Management knowledge and its rich experience in working with leading multi-national companies in China. Their solution enables us to focus on where to drive savings, maintain compliance and make smarter supply chain decisions."





In recent years, Fujifilm has grown its business in China, and as a result faced China's complex trade environment, characterized by constantly changing trade regulations. Fujifilm realized it needed to upgrade its compliance infrastructure and improve its supply chain capabilities so it could be properly positioned to take advantage of its fast go-to-market strategies.



Fujifilm selected Amber Road's China Trade Management solution to automate import and export processes for China operations and improve supply chain efficiency. The Amber Road solution provides Fujifilm with online documentation, shipment management, allocation and verification of taxes and expenses, and service provider management as well as robust reporting capabilities to strengthen risk management. The solution enables Fujifilm to meet its China compliance requirements for General Trade operations with timely trade regulatory updates to ensure uninterrupted import and export operations.


  • Enhanced compliance processes
  • Timely updates to ensure uninterrupted import and export operations
  • Minimized risks and maximized opportunities to meet ambitious growth objective