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"The Amber Road system gives us the certainty that we can trade compliantly around the world."

Global Head of Sourcing & Compliance, Electrocomponents



With more than 500,000 products in stock and available for same-day dispatch, an inventory of 5,000 new products a month are shipped to customers in over 80 countries. With these volumes, Electrocomponents needed to work smarter and more efficiently to fulfill its customer orders in a timely manner. The company also needed to automate its manual trade compliance and screening processes.



Amber Road's capabilities enable Electrocomponents to conduct its cross border trade operations quickly and efficiently, while maintaining records of every transaction in a single platform. Electrocomponents relies on Amber Road's functionality and trade content to manage data for multiple product types moving to a range of countries while ensuring compliance.


  • Improved inventory management on a global business
  • Reduced supply chain costs and increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased network optimization and efficiency
  • Improved engagement and forecast sharing with key suppliers