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"By implementing Amber Road's cloud-based platform, Caleres improved our supplier and partner collaboration across all phases of the design-to-delivery process, which helped reduce costs, shorten cycle times, increase supply chain flexibility and create greater transparency into our supplier management operations."

Vice President, Supply Chain Planning and Operations, Caleres



Caleres' merchandisers handle thousands of purchase orders (POs) every month and most of the time POs were sent via e-mail or fax to global vendors. This antiquated system offered Caleres limited supply chain visibility and no way for its partners to react in a timely manner to unexpected order and shipment delays. These manual processes also resulted in high error rates and longer order cycle times. Since each order involved internal and external collaboration, multiple tasks and communication, and working globally with distributed trading partners, Caleres needed a formalized PO process and a centralized platform to comprehensively track orders and shipments.



 Caleres implemented Amber Road's Order Management solution, a cloud-based environment to execute and collaborate POs, packing lists and invoices. The solution integrates with a third-party logistics provider for shipping and logistics information and offers production reporting. The solution also integrates with SAP ERP so Caleres can automate its payment process with vendors and reduce errors in these transmissions by performing a three-way match on the information. In addition, an airfreight approval process was deployed that has resulted in a large cost reduction in airfreight charges.


  • Enhanced visibility into the PO management and shipment processes
  • Increased fill rates by 10-15 percent
  • Reduced shipment expediting costs
  • Enhanced process efficiencies
  • Decreased error rates
  • Improved purchase order cycle times