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"As our customer base continues to grow, we needed the ability to address compliance requirements globally and minimize risk without increasing headcount. We found the solution with Amber Road and we look forward to reducing risk and improving efficiencies as we expand."

Director, Global Trade Compliance, Axalta



With over 12,800 employees developing, manufacturing and selling coatings to over 120,000 customers globally, Axalta needed to enhance its IT systems for ERP and other technologies in order to control costs and improve efficiency. Axalta began to search for a global trade management solution that could be deployed in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) module, so the solution could be implemented quickly and with minimal IT costs.



To reduce corporate risk, Axalta chose Amber Road's Export On-Demand, a subscription-based solution available in a flexible SaaS format that could be configured and deployed quickly. Export On-Demand streamlines and automates compliance processes, including screening potential customers against 325 restricted party lists, determining license requirements, performing export compliance checks and generating international trade documents. Integrated across multiple instances of SAP ERP, Amber Road's Export On-Demand solution now provides Axalta with the ability to screen via file uploads allowing for a fast deployment without increasing headcount.


  • Ease of integration and fast deployment without increasing headcount
  • Streamlined trade compliance process
  • Reduced corporate risk with on-demand solution