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"We are increasing our visibility into air and ocean shipments, and improving our supply chain data reliability with Amber Road's solutions. We chose Amber Road because of the flexibility and customizability of its web-based solution. In addition, its architecture platform allows us to easily integrate additional modules of Amber Road's suite such as its Trade Automation Solution."

Sourcing Manager, Amway



Amway began in a basement on November 9, 1959, but now this direct-selling business is operating in over 100 countries. With a sales channel of millions of sales representatives and over 20,000 employees, this global company has over $10.8 billion in direct sales* of a variety of products.

To ensure these products get to the consumer, Amway needed to improve its logistics and transportation capabilities; moving away from manually acquired information from freight forwarders and ocean carriers, and towards more enhanced shipment visibility.



Amway implemented Amber Road's Supply Chain Visibility solution to improve visibility into the company's air and ocean shipments, and upgrade supply chain data reliability. The Amber Road solution provides multi-mode supply chain functionality that enables Amway and its partners to share information via a Cloud-based web portal, distribute reports to maintain performance, and receive alerts on milestones that are critical to the timely delivery of goods.


  • Centralized online source for collecting, reporting and tracking of shipment milestones
  • Improved supply chain visibility for better decision making
  • Increased customer service levels with more predictable and efficient supply chain system


*Source: Direct Selling News 2015 Global 100